Cameron’s ‘Old Etonian clique’

ImageWomen are being frozen out of an “Old Etonian clique” around David Cameron, one of Whitehall’s most senior figures has explosively claimed.

Dame Helen Ghosh said the Prime Minister surrounded himself with a male-dominated “network of friends”, including members of the notorious Bullingdon Club at Oxford University, that was “difficult” for women politicians to penetrate. Full story.

Ghosh turn 2

Follow-up reports in the Times, Guardian, Mail, FT, Sun, Mirror, Independent, Telegraph.

Guido Fawkes’ blog.

Ghosh Guido

Spectator Steerpike blog: ‘Dame Helen Ghosh’s words about women and David Cameron’s government have put Downing Street backs up this afternoon.’

Telegraph Women: ‘The Prime Minister really has been issued his final warning about his ‘women’s problem’ by Dame Helen Ghosh’.

Telegraph Comment: ‘Women can network – just not David Cameron’s way’.

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