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This is an archive of some of my work for the Guardian, VICE, The TabNewsweek, the Spectator and the Independent, as well as the New Review and ES Magazine. I was Highly Commended at the Press Awards in 2013 for this story about David Cameron and in 2015 for my work on the radicalisation of British jihadists.

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  1. I am writing to say I am deeply offended by your article on Land Economy at Cambridge where my son is studying for his under-graduate degree, . I am an NHS worker paying a mortgage on a semi detached house (i.e. small garden i.e. virtually NO land attached!). My son came from a state school; he got in to Cambridge on merit with the required grades. He works extremely hard and has very little time to play sport or prop up the bar! He is not a dumb idiot. The stereotypical generalisations you make about Land Economy, are deeply insulting to the hard working students, whose final degree will be unfairly under-valued by your arbitrary comments. Perhaps you are being a little elitist about the value of one Cambridge degree over another?

  2. Following my comment above I thought you might be interested in this data from The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/education/datablog/2012/oct/11/how-hard-is-it-to-get-into-oxbridge. Land Economy is not an easy access option. Not much difference between History and Land Economy in terms of state school and provate school access, and not much difference in ease of entry either. It has very high employment afterwards as well.I think you ought to look at their RAE results and maybe visit the Land Economy department again. Or come and visit us – we are really a very normal family – come and have a cup of tea and see how Land Economy students really are brought up!

  3. Tara Turner

    Hi Mr. sherrman. I am anxious to contact you concerning a project .

  4. England cricket STARS on finding their mojo.

    Please stop stop stop referring to these overpayed under achieving oversponsered public schoolboys as STARS.

    My dead granny has achieved more than these useless lot. Learning the game…….this country invented the game. What is there to learn.

  5. Jo Blogs

    Dear Mr Hermann,

    It is very dobtful, in my eyes, that you would have had even the tiniest chance of getting into such an exclusive university as Cambridge without the priviledge of a private school education. So, instead of slagging off schools such as Dulwich College (which is not £36,000 a ear for day pupils; the vast majority of pupils there), perhaps you should spend a little more time contemplating the perks you certainly received from attending a private school.

    I don’t know who you think you are but you’re not so anti-establishment as you clearly think you are. Your attitude is appalling and quite frankly pretty hypocritical.

    Thanks a million mate.

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